Naltrexone Orange County

If you are considering receiving Naltrexone treatment for alcohol or drug addiction you should speak to a medical professional to discuss how a Naltrexone Implant works.


How Does A Naltrexone Implant Work?

Naltrexone implants are a non-narcotic medicine that attaches to the brain’s opiate receptors blocking the effects of alcohol and opiate drugs. The drug binds itself to the receptors in the body which prevents the person from experiencing the usual high they would get by using heroin or alcohol. By blocking the effectiveness of the drug, the naltrexone implant helps to aid in the person recovery.

Dependency on opiates is a very complex disease, ongoing treatment and support are the best way to treat addiction. By attending a substance abuse treatment program along with a Naltrexone implant individual’s will decrease the chance of a relapse.


from Heroin Detox Clinics

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My name is Chris Jenkins I am a medical student. I have been always interested in medical science. I like to help people who are suffering from bad habbits. I have worked in few rehab centers.

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